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La Strada

La Strada Czech Republic, o. p. s., is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that has been working in the Czech Republic since 1995. All activities of the organization are targeted at finding solutions to the problem of trafficking in human beings. La Strada is a member of an international network of nine partner organizations in Europe focusing on responding to the issue of human trafficking.

In its work La Strada applies a multidisciplinary approach concentrating on three areas:

  • Information and advocacy work
  • Prevention and education activities
  • Direct social assistance to trafficked persons

La Strada is a bottom-up network that uses its first-hand experience, gained through direct contact with trafficked persons, in designing advocacy and prevention strategies. It is also a prorights network, keeping the rights and interests of trafficked persons at the center of its attention. La Strada Czech Republic, as a nonprofit organization, relies on external funding to be able to carry out its activities. The ultimate goal of those activities is to achieve social change, where trafficking in humans would no longer be possible.    more…

For more information on La Strada’s mission and activities, visit the La Strada website at www.strada.cz.

Internal training

One of the ways Bluebird aims to help organizations involves using the business knowledge and skills of its members to help the organizations become more effective and productive. In this spirit, Bluebird is assisting La Strada in its effort to improve internal communication and management skills as well as in the presentation and communication of its mission and activities.

Fundraising for core activities

Other efforts include helping La Strada raise funds for its core activities. If you’d like to help, or know of people or resources that could help, please let us know.

Buying and selling people was abolished long time ago with the abolition of slavery. In reality, however, these transactions still take place and are very likely to continue as long as there are poor countries and rich countries and the difference between them quite enormous. There is not much each of us can do about distribution of wealth in the world. But, we can start helping by taking small steps.     more…