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Projekt Šance (www.sance.info)

Support for underprivileged youth living on the streets

  • 2006 Christmas dessert offered by Au Gourmand
    and Winter Clothes offered by SPhere and PrismaStar
  • Spring 2006 shoes and coffee offered by Carrefour
  • 2005 Christmas dessert offered by Au Gourmand
  • 2004 Shower Project (main sponsor HVB) in Ve Smečkách 28, 110 00 Praha 1
  • Evening Fundraising Benefit for Dům Šance – September 24, 2003
  • 2003 Christmas Collection – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Noruz Benefit Celebration for the E-Malaya Project

An evening to celebrate Noruz and to help bring new opportunities
to the children of Tibetan refugees – March 25, 2004

Benefit Concert for the League of Human Rights (www.llp.cz)

A benefit concert to help the Counseling Center for Women in Crisis
raise funds to continue its important work – May 6, 2004

Air Solidarité (www.asi-france.org)

Fall-Winter 2005 Logistical support for l'Action de Solidarité Internationale (ASI) team franco-tcheque.

La Strada (www.strada.cz)

Finding solutions to the problem of trafficking in human beings

  • Internal training
  • Fundraising for core activities

Diplomatic Ladies Association

  • Charity Bazaar 2006
  • Charity Bazaar 2005
  • Charity Bazaar 2004