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About Us

The charity initiative called Bluebird was established in the spring of 2003 in Prague. Bluebird aims to help children by working with currently existing charity organizations that focus on children’s issues. The idea for Bluebird originated in the winter of 2002, when its founding members organized a successful Christmas collection for Projekt Šance. Following that event, the founders decided to create a formal organization that would effectively pool the talents of its members.

“We noted that most charity associations in Prague and the Czech Republic each focus on individual projects. We wanted to create an organization that could work on many projects, pitching in where and when we could be of most help. Putting into practice our firmly held belief that action, not just talk, is most needed, Bluebird helped organize a benefit evening with a silent auction for Projekt Šance in September 2003 that raised 350,000 CZK for their main project called Dům Šance,” said Karin Genton-L’Epée, Bluebird Chairwoman. Projekt Šance is one of the projects Bluebird currently helps, and will continue to help in the future.

Bluebird currently relies on 11 core members of differing nationalities, interests and skills. Members contribute part of their free time to Bluebird, as they all work full-time. Members meet once a month to discuss and select projects that they want to support. Past projects include fundraising for the E-Malaya Project, as well as for the League of Human Rights, which among other activities advises children and their parents on legal issues. Current projects include support for La Strada, an organization finding solutions to the problem of trafficking in human beings, as well as continuing work with Projekt Šance.

“Any member can suggest a project, and all members review it. Together we judge how feasible a project is, and if we decide it would work, we put our combined efforts and skills behind it.” adds Karin.

For more information about Bluebird and its activities, contact us.